League System
aiming at Total Service Provider!
We are convinced to realize customer satisfaction by maximizing intellectual value and providing competitive
advantage of Information Technology as a reliable management partner for the customers.
Notice : Registered patent for Block-Chain in April 2019 (No. 1975822)

Why Leaguesystem?

  • Customer-oriented

    We make an every effort in order to reinforce the strategic cooperation with customers by mutual growth, fostering and securing talented personnel through customer-oriented IT service.

  • Technology-oriented

    We perform stable IS through positive acquirement of advanced technology and accumulated Know-How for over many years.

  • Talented Personnel-oriented

    We foster and secure talented personnel to make a work place for the topnotch personnel.

What We Do

  • Consulting

    · Consulting new business and Legacy System

  • Solution

    · BOA Chain Platform

    • - Business Oriented Platform to support various BM

    · BOA Rules

  • Telecom

    · To support high quality and stable service about entire wire- wireless system

    • - Order
    • - Billing
    • - Settlement
    • - Risk Management
  • Finance

    · Responsible for conducting SI projects across specialied financial services

    • - Claim
    • - Underwriting
    • - FDS
    • - Risk Management

Our Partner